Campervan a go go!

The morning of our camper van adventure was bathed in warm sunshine and blue skies. We packed up Flora, readied the sat nag and were on our way. I was the designated driver Andy being the first time I had driven a camper van, it took me a little while to get used to her. No power steering was a step back to the past for one, I had muscles on my muscles by the end of the trip!

Flora was very popular with many people staring, waving and stopping us to talk about  her. She was a great way to make new friends 🙂

We had a pleasant journey chugging down the motorway at a respectable 65mph. Note to self, next time hang back from large lorries or try to get in front. (A few precarious shaky moments occurred).

We eventually arrived at our campsite destination, tucked away at the end of long driveway surrounded by trees and fields, ‘Apple Acres Farm and campsite’Hubby thought he was funny. When seeing a sign saying ‘Adults only’ ‘No Children Allowed’, he suggested that I had brought him to a dodgy swingers campsite. Ha ha!  If you are looking for a csmpsite for adults only, I do recommend it, and no it isn’t for swingers. It is a small, friendly and quiet campsite. Perfect for relaxing in your tent, caravan or in our case camper van.

I loved staying in Flora the camper van! It was cosy and surprisingly warm at night.

We went for a long walk through  a field and almost got lost! But eventually found our way to a pub and had lunch. The best meal we had was on the 2nd night and an amazing seafood restaurant called `Sankey’s. They serve delicious fresh fish and the service is great too. I had a whole lobster for the first time. (Did feel a pang of guilt as we were sitting opposite a tank full of  live lobster).

Our last day was pure relaxation with a trip to the spa then an afternoon hanging out on the campsite with sunshine, the radio and each other’s company. Oh and my book! I have so little time to sit and read lately, so it was divine.

We also picked quite a few apples to are home and make into a plethora of delights, cake most definitely on the list.

Driving and staying in a campervan lived up to all of my expectations. We will definitely for it again some time. Maybe save it for our dream ‘foodie’ road trip around Europe.

If you are in the UK and looking to hire a VW campervan, definitely check out:

and if you are ever in need of a campsite (just for the grown ups) near Tunbridge Wells then check out:

Happy Camping!





Got the VW Bug

Wow! Has it really been 5 months since I last blogged?

That is one thing that has to change. More adventures on the horizon.

One exciting adventure coming up involves a cool retro camper van mini road trip! Tres excited, oh yes.

My first year wedding anniversary is coming up (can’t believe it has almost been a year), so hubby and I decided we would go away for a few days. I have always wanted a camper van, and one of our dreams when we are older is to do a foodie road trip around Europe in one.

As a trial run, this September we have hired one for a few days and are going to venture (not too far due to time limits) to the west of England.  Campsite booked and ready to go!

I briefly thought about getting the old A-Z out to accompany the  ‘back in time’ theme but that is a step too far methinks. I’d like to get there while it is still daytime!

A little bit of history for you:

1. In 1949 the first VW camper van was launched at the Geneva motor show. The idea taken was taken on by  Heinz Nordhoff Chief exec of Volkswagen, after seeing Dutch importer Ben Pon’s invention; the VW type ll bus invented in 1947.

2. The split screen VW buses were born in 1949.

3. The racing car driver Jensen Button has owned and loved a camper van! (Not always a need for speed then)

(Info taken from: and (


If you fancy a VW campervan adventure there are plenty of places to hire them. We used (

So,Camping mugs and sat nav at the ready, let’s do this thing!

Beep beep!


Happy campers x






Ok, so I have never been one for camping. Meaning I have never thought about going for a break away and said I want to go camping. But the opportunity has arisen fo my family and I to go for a ‘glamping weekend!’

My husbands lovely friends have offered us a belated wedding gift, to pay for us and our kids to go with them to what looks like a beautiful camp ground in East Sussex this June; and stay in their bell tent.

I jumped at the idea of a new adventure and think it will be a great family get away.

I have thought about my love for camper vans and one day going camping in one, so I’m not adverse to the idea. I just have no idea what I should take, wear or really what to expect. From looking at a glamping experience to a camping one, I definitely think as a camping rookie, glamping is the way to go. (For me anyway)

So what’s the difference?

Camping definition:

Learner’s definition of CAMPING
‘the activity of sleeping outdoors in a tent usually for enjoyment
Camping is one of our favorite things to do.
She likes to go camping on weekends.
— camping adjective
camping equipment/gear
a camping trip’



Glamping definition:


‘a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.
“glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’ (Found on google)


So here we go. I’m really looking forward to it! Fingers crossed for good weather, and thank you to my hubbies lovely friends for a great wedding gift!

Will let you know how it goes 🙂

Hi de Ho glampers! 


Singing for the soul 🎶

For the last few weeks I’ve been debating what next to try on my “live life love it”mission. It boiled down to either roller derby or joining a community choir.

Drum roll…

I decided to go for the community choir!

So glad I did too. I had a fabulous time (on my way home now and couldn’t wait to write about it)

the choir is part of a group called ‘Singology’. They have a number of choir groups all over London. I chose the London Bridge branch. I’m terrible at map reading so it took me a while to find it but when I did I found a discreet church hall next to a busy bustling pub (Thursday is the new Friday people) and walked inside, a little nervous to be honest. I wasn’t sure what to expect. What would the people be like, would they be friendly, what songs would we sing, would I be able to sing! (It’s been a long time)

As soon as I entered the worries faded away in an instant. I felt welcome and at home straight away. The choir is made up of an eclectic mix of people from all sorts of backgrounds and I’m sure as I get to know them I’ll hear some fantastic stories. Everyone goes along to take a break from their daily lives and just relax, have fun and make new friends.

In 2 hours we went from soul to pop and gospel. It was fab!

I am definitely going back and will keep you all posted on the exciting events the choir will be taking part in!


If if you fancy joining a Singology choir near you check out their website:

It’s only £80 a term or £24 a month!

La la la la la 🎶🎶🎶🎶

p.s. I’m still going to give roller derby a go at some point. Watch this space.

Happy living x

My next adventure is on the horizon..

After a long time planning, I’ve finally saved up and booked my place on a circus arts day experience! Right now I’m feeling a mix of excitement tinged with a hint of nervousness. Actually, quite a BIG hint of the nerves. The day will consist of juggling, tightrope walking and the trapeze! Will I fly through the air with the greatest of ease? I bloody hope so!

For someone who isn’t a fan of the high height life this is a big step for me. I can’t wait to try something new and meet new people though. I love the arts and have always been part of it, circus is a string to my bow I’ve never added. Until now!

Cirque du Soleil here I come? ummm, probably not.

The definition of circus:

a travelling company of acrobats, clowns, and other entertainers which gives performances, typically in a large tent, in a series of different places.
“I was thrilled by the annual visits of the circus”
a public scene of frenetic, noisy, or confused activity.
“a media circus”
(in ancient Rome) a rounded or oval arena lined with tiers of seats, used for equestrian and other sports and games.
“the Circus Maximus”


So here I go. Wish me luck! 🍀 (The daring young man on the flying trapeze).   Take a look, they do some fantastic courses and experiences.

Edinburgh Adventure!

It has been a really hectic few weeks. All leading up to my wedding! Last week I became a ‘Mrs’ and it was a fantastic day. My new hubby and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather was great and we were surrounded by amazing family and friends.

After a couple of days at home we were off to a spa hotel in Edinburgh! Relaxation here we come! Now flying is my least favourite way to travel, even with the ‘It’s the safest way to travel’ line I heard constantly. However, this is how we got there as it only takes an hour.

I do love a hotel! First thing I did once we were in our room was check out the bathroom (huge tub and walk in shower thank you very much)Yay! and then the tea, coffee and biscuit supply. Lastly the freebies in thebathroom 🙂 All got a thumbs up from me.

We had a very relaxing couple of days. One of the highlights being a meal at the wonderful chef Tom Kitchin’s restaurant ‘The Kitchin’. The food was phenomenal and we received outstanding customer service. I highly reccommend this place if you find yourself in bonny Edinburgh! We also got to meet the chef!A great place for lunch is ‘The Southern Cross Cafe’ not far from the castle and in ‘Leith’ as well as Edinburgh city centre there are some great bars and pubs, traditional and modern. It was so good to spend some time with my new hubby and to try something new    as part of my mission to live life!IMG_8215 IMG_8186 IMG_8195 IMG_8171

Unexpected experience

I listen to Heart fm quite a lot, enjoying the music, conversation and jokes here and there and have been lucky enough to win            prizes. Two of the best were Alicia Keys tickets and a childhood favourite of mine, Janet Jackson!

I’ve now had probably the best prize so far and got to add a tick to my list of living life experiences. I have always had an interest in the workings of radio and fantasised about how much fun it must be to work in it. I was able to go into the station and surprisingly star, struck had a great time! The studio was a hive of busy people preparing for the morning show, constantly updating tweets and news and welcoming me on the show! I didn’t realise how much work goes into radio and how technical it all is. I have a new found respect for it. I also have a new desire to give it a go! (Maybe one day). In regards to why I was there, I won a prize that has made a great difference to my family and I, helping us out of a hole and giving us a positive outlook for the near future. Thanks to all the guys at the station. Now I can plan my next adventure.

Watch this space 😉