Bustin’ a move zumba style

My ‘live life’ experiences are well under way. Walking through the town centre at the weekend a lady was handing out flyers offering a free zumba class. I took this as a sign. I have wanted to join a class for what seems like an age. I’m one of the last ones to join the zumba craze. Because of this I think this warrants a tick on my ‘live life’ list don’t you think? So water bottle and towel in hand I made my way to my first zumba class this evening. It’s a little like walking into school on the first day of term, a little nervous about what to expect. Will the other people like me? Will I be able to keep up? I had nothing to worry about. As soon as I walked into the church hall I realised everyone was in the same boat and the teacher had a huge welcoming smile on her face. She actually looked just as nervous as the rest of us! Once those zumba beats started and we started to ‘shake our thangs’ I couldn’t help but get into it. I forgot how much I love to dance. Even though I was as hot as an eskimo in the desert I’m really glad I took the flyer and made the zumba move! (ha ha) Here ‘s  a little link to a great movie with an intro shouting out to the zumba! Enjoy x