Life Ideas..

It’s Friday, the sun is shining and even though I had a horrendous journey into work I am staying positive. I’ve go some exciting ideas for my ‘Live Life’ mission.

1. Circus skills- I really want to have a go at the flying trapeze (even though i’m not that great with heights), tight rope walking and a bit of juggling. It looks so invigorating and above all fun. Why not!

2. Dance- This isn’t something new for me as this is my background, but there are so many styles I still want to try. I’m thinking maybe swing dance, a bit of rock n roll shaking? Yes, sounds like a blast!

3. A Choir- I love love love to sing. As with dance I feel relaxed and free with it. There are so many community choirs around London where you can go under no pressure at all and just enjoy the singing for what it is, at the same time meet new people.

I think these ideas are a good place to start. Now I just need to get them in motion.

Watch this space…

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