Ready for battle!

This weekend has been so hectic! Part of that is something I am going to put down on my experience life to do list. Today I joined over 1,400 ladies and ran in cancer research, race for life. It wasn`t a new experience in that I`ve done it before, but it was the first time i’ve done it on my own.

I was a little apprehensive on my way there but once I arrived at the park the sea of pink and “ready for battle” buzz calmed me down. The atmosphere was electric with women of all shapes, sizes, colour and purpose all there together for one reason, to help beat cancer. There were heart breaking and inspiring stories everywhere you looked giving us all more determination and spurring everyone on. I’m not a runner by any means so I didn’t have a goal time set in mind and was happy to pace myself and do my best around the course. I was just happy to helping contribute to the battle against cancer for those loved ones we have lost, who are fighting and who have survived.



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