Unexpected experience

I listen to Heart fm quite a lot, enjoying the music, conversation and jokes here and there and have been lucky enough to win            prizes. Two of the best were Alicia Keys tickets and a childhood favourite of mine, Janet Jackson!

I’ve now had probably the best prize so far and got to add a tick to my list of living life experiences. I have always had an interest in the workings of radio and fantasised about how much fun it must be to work in it. I was able to go into the station and surprisingly star, struck had a great time! The studio was a hive of busy people preparing for the morning show, constantly updating tweets and news and welcoming me on the show! I didn’t realise how much work goes into radio and how technical it all is. I have a new found respect for it. I also have a new desire to give it a go! (Maybe one day). In regards to why I was there, I won a prize that has made a great difference to my family and I, helping us out of a hole and giving us a positive outlook for the near future. Thanks to all the guys at the station. Now I can plan my next adventure.

Watch this space 😉