Edinburgh Adventure!

It has been a really hectic few weeks. All leading up to my wedding! Last week I became a ‘Mrs’ and it was a fantastic day. My new hubby and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather was great and we were surrounded by amazing family and friends.

After a couple of days at home we were off to a spa hotel in Edinburgh! Relaxation here we come! Now flying is my least favourite way to travel, even with the ‘It’s the safest way to travel’ line I heard constantly. However, this is how we got there as it only takes an hour.

I do love a hotel! First thing I did once we were in our room was check out the bathroom (huge tub and walk in shower thank you very much)Yay! and then the tea, coffee and biscuit supply. Lastly the freebies in thebathroom 🙂 All got a thumbs up from me.

We had a very relaxing couple of days. One of the highlights being a meal at the wonderful chef Tom Kitchin’s restaurant ‘The Kitchin’. The food was phenomenal and we received outstanding customer service. I highly reccommend this place if you find yourself in bonny Edinburgh! We also got to meet the chef!A great place for lunch is ‘The Southern Cross Cafe’ not far from the castle and in ‘Leith’ as well as Edinburgh city centre there are some great bars and pubs, traditional and modern. It was so good to spend some time with my new hubby and to try something new    as part of my mission to live life!IMG_8215 IMG_8186 IMG_8195 IMG_8171


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