Got the VW Bug

Wow! Has it really been 5 months since I last blogged?

That is one thing that has to change. More adventures on the horizon.

One exciting adventure coming up involves a cool retro camper van mini road trip! Tres excited, oh yes.

My first year wedding anniversary is coming up (can’t believe it has almost been a year), so hubby and I decided we would go away for a few days. I have always wanted a camper van, and one of our dreams when we are older is to do a foodie road trip around Europe in one.

As a trial run, this September we have hired one for a few days and are going to venture (not too far due to time limits) to the west of England.  Campsite booked and ready to go!

I briefly thought about getting the old A-Z out to accompany the  ‘back in time’ theme but that is a step too far methinks. I’d like to get there while it is still daytime!

A little bit of history for you:

1. In 1949 the first VW camper van was launched at the Geneva motor show. The idea taken was taken on by  Heinz Nordhoff Chief exec of Volkswagen, after seeing Dutch importer Ben Pon’s invention; the VW type ll bus invented in 1947.

2. The split screen VW buses were born in 1949.

3. The racing car driver Jensen Button has owned and loved a camper van! (Not always a need for speed then)

(Info taken from: and (


If you fancy a VW campervan adventure there are plenty of places to hire them. We used (

So,Camping mugs and sat nav at the ready, let’s do this thing!

Beep beep!


Happy campers x