Campervan a go go!

The morning of our camper van adventure was bathed in warm sunshine and blue skies. We packed up Flora, readied the sat nag and were on our way. I was the designated driver Andy being the first time I had driven a camper van, it took me a little while to get used to her. No power steering was a step back to the past for one, I had muscles on my muscles by the end of the trip!

Flora was very popular with many people staring, waving and stopping us to talk about  her. She was a great way to make new friends 🙂

We had a pleasant journey chugging down the motorway at a respectable 65mph. Note to self, next time hang back from large lorries or try to get in front. (A few precarious shaky moments occurred).

We eventually arrived at our campsite destination, tucked away at the end of long driveway surrounded by trees and fields, ‘Apple Acres Farm and campsite’Hubby thought he was funny. When seeing a sign saying ‘Adults only’ ‘No Children Allowed’, he suggested that I had brought him to a dodgy swingers campsite. Ha ha!  If you are looking for a csmpsite for adults only, I do recommend it, and no it isn’t for swingers. It is a small, friendly and quiet campsite. Perfect for relaxing in your tent, caravan or in our case camper van.

I loved staying in Flora the camper van! It was cosy and surprisingly warm at night.

We went for a long walk through  a field and almost got lost! But eventually found our way to a pub and had lunch. The best meal we had was on the 2nd night and an amazing seafood restaurant called `Sankey’s. They serve delicious fresh fish and the service is great too. I had a whole lobster for the first time. (Did feel a pang of guilt as we were sitting opposite a tank full of  live lobster).

Our last day was pure relaxation with a trip to the spa then an afternoon hanging out on the campsite with sunshine, the radio and each other’s company. Oh and my book! I have so little time to sit and read lately, so it was divine.

We also picked quite a few apples to are home and make into a plethora of delights, cake most definitely on the list.

Driving and staying in a campervan lived up to all of my expectations. We will definitely for it again some time. Maybe save it for our dream ‘foodie’ road trip around Europe.

If you are in the UK and looking to hire a VW campervan, definitely check out:

and if you are ever in need of a campsite (just for the grown ups) near Tunbridge Wells then check out:

Happy Camping!