Ready for battle!

This weekend has been so hectic! Part of that is something I am going to put down on my experience life to do list. Today I joined over 1,400 ladies and ran in cancer research, race for life. It wasn`t a new experience in that I`ve done it before, but it was the first time i’ve done it on my own.

I was a little apprehensive on my way there but once I arrived at the park the sea of pink and “ready for battle” buzz calmed me down. The atmosphere was electric with women of all shapes, sizes, colour and purpose all there together for one reason, to help beat cancer. There were heart breaking and inspiring stories everywhere you looked giving us all more determination and spurring everyone on. I’m not a runner by any means so I didn’t have a goal time set in mind and was happy to pace myself and do my best around the course. I was just happy to helping contribute to the battle against cancer for those loved ones we have lost, who are fighting and who have survived.




A little aside..


Just  a little thought for the day. I think it’s something we should all live by a little more. Especially in this day and age, so much sadness, war and worry.


Life Ideas..

It’s Friday, the sun is shining and even though I had a horrendous journey into work I am staying positive. I’ve go some exciting ideas for my ‘Live Life’ mission.

1. Circus skills- I really want to have a go at the flying trapeze (even though i’m not that great with heights), tight rope walking and a bit of juggling. It looks so invigorating and above all fun. Why not!

2. Dance- This isn’t something new for me as this is my background, but there are so many styles I still want to try. I’m thinking maybe swing dance, a bit of rock n roll shaking? Yes, sounds like a blast!

3. A Choir- I love love love to sing. As with dance I feel relaxed and free with it. There are so many community choirs around London where you can go under no pressure at all and just enjoy the singing for what it is, at the same time meet new people.

I think these ideas are a good place to start. Now I just need to get them in motion.

Watch this space…

First steps to really living life

I woke up this morning, in fact a few mornings ago and felt really low. I have worked out that it is because I am 37 years old and feel that I haven’t really been living my life, just plodding along doing what is needed to survive and looking after everyone but myself. I used to have such a passion for life. At the moment it feels that the light has dimmed and the passion is lost in a fog of working to pay bills and looking after my family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family a great deal and would do anything for them, I just need something. New goals, new passions, feel like I am enjoying the life that I’ve been given to the fullest.

So here I am writing it down in a blog. The first steps to really living life. I will try out different activities and experiences then write about them. I’m looking forward to it. The idea of it is lifting my spirits already. So watch this space. If you have any ideas of what I could try let me know.

Wish me luck!

Bustin’ a move zumba style

My ‘live life’ experiences are well under way. Walking through the town centre at the weekend a lady was handing out flyers offering a free zumba class. I took this as a sign. I have wanted to join a class for what seems like an age. I’m one of the last ones to join the zumba craze. Because of this I think this warrants a tick on my ‘live life’ list don’t you think? So water bottle and towel in hand I made my way to my first zumba class this evening. It’s a little like walking into school on the first day of term, a little nervous about what to expect. Will the other people like me? Will I be able to keep up? I had nothing to worry about. As soon as I walked into the church hall I realised everyone was in the same boat and the teacher had a huge welcoming smile on her face. She actually looked just as nervous as the rest of us! Once those zumba beats started and we started to ‘shake our thangs’ I couldn’t help but get into it. I forgot how much I love to dance. Even though I was as hot as an eskimo in the desert I’m really glad I took the flyer and made the zumba move! (ha ha) Here ‘s  a little link to a great movie with an intro shouting out to the zumba! Enjoy x